who we are

The 3D Specialists

At Comhar Technology Group, we’re a mixed team of Engineers, BIM Architects, Software Developers, and 3D Designers.

We are passionate about leveraging the power of 3D technologies and their ability to transform and optimize companies for the better.

What We Do

Leverage 3D Technologies

Building Information Modeling

We specialize in the design, development & management of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Utilize the power of 3D technologies with Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) applications 

Our Process

How We Operate

Comhar Technology Group's process focuses on 3 areas :
Design, Education, & Operations

Comhar Technology Group (CTG) :

Comhar Design (CD), Comhar Education (CE), & Comhar Operations (CO)

Comhar Design (CD)

Comhar Design specializes in the design of our applications and our building information models.

We figure out the best implementations of 3D technologies such as, BIM, AR, & VR, in order to meet our client’s needs.

Comhar Education (CE)

Comhar Education is dedicated to Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)-based Training Applications & Job-Aid Enhancement Tools. 

We specialize in creating applications for highly regulated industries, such as Biotechnologies & Pharmaceuticals. 

Comhar Operations (CO)

Comhar Operations focuses on the maintenance & update of all solutions that we provide to our clients.

We ensure that our client’s proprietary data is secure and well managed at all times. 

What We've Done

Some Of Our Work

BIM Design, Development & Management

We are experts in all phases of BIM : from the design of the models, to their development, & ongoing management. 

With over 20 of experience with BIM, we have developed a process that is streamlined, cost-effective, and completely caters to our clients. 

VR & AR Training-Based Applications

We specialize in developing applications that leverage the power of Augmented & Virtual Reality in order to meet the needs of our clients, and ensure satisfaction regarding both design and practical application. 

why us?

We Offer A Unique Blend of Skill Sets

Building Information Modeling Development + Management
Augmented & Virtual Reality Application Development
Completely Outsourced Solution

All Under One Roof

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Our Mission

To Inspire Through Innovative Technologies

Our Vision

Challenge Everything To Change The Narrative