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Comhar Technology Group consists of diverse multi-disciplinary teams situated around the world. We strive to ensure that our teams are experts in their fields, in order to provide the best possible services to our clients. We are available as a completely virtual resource, with no physical presence- unless required by the customer. Through our different branches, Comhar Design, Comhar Education, and Comhar Operations, we can better determine the needs of our customers, whilst matching them with our best experts for the job. From BIM & Drawing Management, to VR & AR app development, our specialists can help you.

Comhar Technology Group was established in 2018 by our CEO Darran Blackbyrne, whilst he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It was during his chemotherapy that he realized that the medication he was using had been developed by the very company he once worked for. Expensive medication.

Drug development and innovation is a lengthy, and costly endeavor for many biopharmaceutical companies. This often leads to increased medication prices. It was this thought that led Darran to consider the different ways that overhead for these companies can be reduced. Perhaps he could use his skills to provide cost saving solutions to the biopharmaceutical companies that provide these lifesaving medications, and in turn, those companies will have incentive to lower the prices of such drugs.

Thus, Comhar Technology Group was born. Since then, Darran has celebrated his third year in remission, and continues to grow the company around the world.

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Darran Blackbyrne - CEO

Darran is an expert concerning all things BIM & 3D. Having worked in the field of Drawing Management, CAD Design, and BIM for almost 20 years, his knowledge regarding the facets of these services is vast. Darran has previously held various positions in multiple companies which specialize in Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology. It is Darran’s passion for 3D Technology and making a difference to the lives of people, that drives him in making this industry better adapted for the future.

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Felix Amador - COO

Felix began as the Chief Operating Officer of Comhar Technology Group in 2019, bringing with him over 40 years of experience in biotechnology & mechanical engineering. Felix has worked for huge pharmaceutical companies in both Puerto-Rico and Ireland. Before joining the CTG team, Felix held the role of Executive Director of Engineering for one of the largest biopharma companies in the world. Whilst in this role Felix gained insight into  the ways in which the industry can be improved by the implementation of 3D technologies and strategies.

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David Kostin - CTO

David joined the Comhar team in 2020 as CTO, after spending 26 years working in the Life Sciences industry. For 12 of those years he worked in engineering, leading multi-million-dollar process and building automation design efforts for manufacturing facilities, as well as hiring and managing the teams providing manufacturing support.  David also spent 14 years in information technology as an IT architect leading the development of the long-range vision and the execution of multiple large operations business processes surrounding automation.

Why Us

We have vast practical working knowledge of BIM, drawing management, construction document management/integration and game development. We have worked in various roles within the construction, manufacturing, design, tech and pharmaceutical industries.


Our experience with multiple processes and apps gives us a leading edge when it comes to adapting a process or helping clients develop a process to manage BIM,
drawings and 3D printing. We’ve helped companies to adapt BIM and streamline drawing management processes.


We use the latest version of all applications and stay focused on current trends within the design/construction and gaming industries. Our aim is to use the fantastic array of applications and technology available enabling our clients to work smarter not harder.

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