What is Comhar Education?

Comhar Education is a department of Comhar Technology Group which specializes in the development of Virtual Reality (VR) training applications, for highly regulated industries such as biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals. At Comhar Education we work with our clients to develop applications based around their needs and the needs of their employees. Our team of VR development and training experts work tirelessly with our clients to ensure satisfaction regarding both design and practical application when developing a training application.

Why Our

Virtual Reality

Why use it?

To reduce the amount of hours it would take to train users on a specific task. Our idea is to make a “game” out of the training experience. For example; operating a filling line for a Pharma company is a tough job, made even tougher when the line needs to be shut down in order to train technicians on the process. With VR, all you need is a room (2 meters by 1.5 meters), a high end PC/Laptop and a VR headset. The cost reduction on hours spent by SME’s providing training would be cut dramatically as the process would be developed with the aid of the SME’s. Updates can take place as often as needed, without having to re-create everything each time that you want to change the process.

What can it be used for?

Training on a complex process, task or as a tool to view proposed designs. VR can put you in the model, so you are fully immersed within the virtual world. It is
something that needs to be experienced to understand properly.

Pharma Training – VR


VR is interactive and puts the user inside the simulation. Users would retain information easier than reading an SOP alone, as the user is completing the tasks dictated by the SOP. The user can complete the simulation as many times as needed for them to understand the process. All without any down time on equipment.


VR GMP training compliance can be achieved by our own built-in process that can link the users name and provide times, dates and completion records as a pdf report at the end of the training simulation.

Comhar Education can help your employees be more prepared and confident when in the field through the implementation of VR training processes.

Today, VR can enable experiential learning by simulating real-world environments. Students can test their skills, record their work and interact with experts all within VR.

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